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    Mother of two turns $47 into $7,197

    Have You Considered Working From Home Online? With unemployment numbers higher than they’ve been in several decades, people are looking to make extra money these days. Many people are looking into ways to work from home… But how?! With so many choices, which online, work from home jobs are REAL and which ones are SCAMS? […]

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When Experimenting with Productivity Tips, Try Just One at a Time

There are so many great productivity strategies out there, sometimes it’s tempting to try many of them at once. But for more effective results, try one tip at a time. When you’re motivated to get organized, you might come across a handful of tips that sound appealing and find yourself ready to try them all. But this […]

The Most Common Types of Debt and How to Tackle Them

Accumulating debt may seem like falling into a steep ravine and trying to climb out with nothing to hold on to. But there are some resources and methods you can arm yourself with to take control of (and pay off) your debt. Here’s how to get started.  Before diving into how to deal with common […]

Create Multiple Streams of Income In Case You Lose Your Job

No matter how secure you feel your job and industry are, there is always a chance things could go south. Take the time now to create multiple sources of income in case your main one is cut off in the future. Grant Cardone, writing at Entrepreneur, shares how he’s created other sources of income for himself: To […]

Disney producer reveals sad reason Disney princesses don’t have moms

It turns out Walt Disney’s reason for not including moms in a lot of his animated movies was a very personal decision. While the princess movies always seem to feature strong dads — like Belle’s father Maurice the inventor, Princess Jasmine’s father the Sultan and Ariel’s dad King Triton — the moms have either passed […]

A stunning number of people find work without even looking for it

As of February, there were 8.7 million jobless Americans who were looking for work. Some of them will get lucky and find jobs, but even more people who aren’t even job-searching will also find work, a new report from the San Francisco Federal Reserve suggests. According to the bank’s analysis of Labor Department data, more than […]