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Movie: Bully. Another documentary out to save the world one viewer at a time

Mar 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Entertainment

Let’s all agree up-front: Nobody likes a bully, and that’s the easiest connection with the new buzzed-about documentary, “Bully,” out today in New York and Los Angeles. I wasn’t happy when Bobby Dreyfus told me I was flat-chested in the seventh grade when I was walking the halls between algebra and Spanish, and I didn’t believe adults who told me it was his way of saying he liked me. It’s still embarrassing to admit, and there wasn’t any violence attached. Oh, and Bobby, I have boobs now. Hah! Most of us have been on the receiving end of some level of bullying, and if we are still alive to talk about it when we have our own adolescent children, then we’re not like the unfortunate extreme cases, also chronicled in the movie, in which children have taken their own lives rather than get on the bus one more time.

It’s easy to identify with the individual subjects, such as Tyler who hanged himself in his bedroom closet, the awkward Alex who is so starved for friendship he tolerates daily physical abuse on a bus in Middle America and who’s being poked with pencils and called names. It’s no surprise, given his age and geekiness that he doesn’t have the emotional wherewithal to fight back, or put into words his feelings of inadequacy when (and if) he discusses the outbreaks with his parents, teachers, school officials, and police officers. The movie also follows an Oklahoma out-lesbian teen who tries to take a stand at her high school, a 14-year-old who took her mother’s gun and brandished it at her tormenters on the morning bus, and an 11-year-old farmer’s son whose bereft father becomes an antibullying activist.    [Read More...]


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